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To see some truly fine examples of Matt's acting and voice work, click here

1. Matt has been doing stand-up comedy for over 25 years. Being funny apparently takes time.

2. Matt has headlined at comedy clubs, colleges, private functions, and sci-fi conventions all across America. He is available for hire but will no longer accept being paid in Ferengi gold-pressed latinum.

3. Matt was a writer and voice artist for MTV's cult classic The Super Adventure Team. The show (created by The Simpsons alumni Dana Gould and Rob Cohen) was a send up of the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation shows like The Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. Matt played the voice of Manfred Mordant, the Super Adventure Team's financier who when not screaming at his house boy Kwan, is picking up girls at bus stops. I guess life does imitate art.

4. Aside from The Super Adventure Team, Matt has lent his voice talents to many other projects including Code Monkeys on G4, Squirrel Boy for Cartoon Network, Game Show Network's Throut And Neck, The Journeyman Project 2: Buried In Time and The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy Of Time for Presto Studios as the voice of Arthur, and Durex condoms. I wish I could say he was the voice of the condom but alas…no.

5. Matt is a gigantic science fiction/horror film/animation/comic book nerd and due to his colossal ego, considers himself an expert on these subjects. He has a massive collection of movie memorabilia, comic books, original animation and sprawling display of over a thousand action figures. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

6. Big surprise! Matt likes working on geeky pop culture projects! He was a writer and co-creator on The Amazing Colossal Show with Who's Line Is It Anyway star Greg Proops for the BBC, and was the host of VH1'sPop Rocks in association with Jersey Television and created by Russell Scott and Patrick Young. He's working now on more nerd related TV, in hopes of creating a brave new nerd world.

7. Speaking of nerds, Matt has also appeared in the hilarious Star Trek documentary Trekkies directed by Roger Nygard and hosted by Denise Crosby (growl!) Matt is the last face you see on screen. Pleasant dreams!

8. Amoung the other tools in Matt's laugh box is sketch comedy. Matt was a writer/performer in the San Francisco sketch troupe Comedy Obscura with Debi Durst, Michael Bossier, and Greg Proops. In a rave review by Gerald Nachman of The San Francisco Chronicle, Matt was singled out for praise: "...Weinhold is the one you remember...destined for Saturday Night Live and beyond...Weinhold's laughs are quicker and truer...a man imbued with inner funniness, a comic attitude, a wild streak well under control..." For more of this review, Matt will call you at home.

9. Willing to stand up and face the competition, Matt humbly won the font color=lightgreen>Seattle Comedy Competition in 1989 and was a finalist in the 1990 Johnny Walker Comedy Search (not so humble) and the 1990 San Francisco Comedy Competition (downright pissed). In 1994, Matt appeared at the prestigious Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal on the "New Faces" show. Matt remembers nothing of the festival except an overpriced lap dance from a woman with a mustache...but a tasteful one.

10. No stranger to radio, Matt was a regular on the immensely popular Alex Bennett Show on LIVE 105 in San Francisco and even occasionally was a guest host. Matt has been a favorite guest on the syndicated Bob and Tom Show and is featured on many of their "Best of..." CDs (available on their website). They even took Matt to the Bahamas for a live remote. Matt is still wanted there by the authorities.

11. Matt has performed stand-up comedy on almost every channel your basic cable provider can offer including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Showtime, HBO, Fox, NBC, A & E, PBS, The Game Show Network and more. By "more" I mean public access.

12. In addition to performing, Matt has written for many television shows including Comedy Central's Trigger Happy TV and Frank Leaves for the Orient, MTV's Super Adventure Team , Style Network’sThe Dish starring Boy Meets World's Danielle Fishel (double growl!), and BBC’s The Nerdist starring Chris Hardwick. He also created the Comedy Central animated show pilot The Shrinkonauts and the comedy sketch show pilot Look Out, The Prattles for VH1. He has since spent all the money on eBay.

13. Matt's incredible talent in the realm of acting nabbed him stand out roles in NBC's60 on the Sunset Strip, HBO's The Comeback , CBS's Weird Al Show, Nickelodeon's Cousin Skeeter, Fox's The Keenan Ivory Wayne Show, and the feature film Green Flash. Matt is planning a lecture series to discuss his acting career at the Museum of Television and Radio.

14. In addition to his guest star roles, Matt has appeared in numerous television commercials for Comcast, Applebee's, Aflac, SBC, Dunkin' Donuts, HEB food stores, Island Financial (directed by the late Tony Scott), and Johnsonville Brats (which are honestly f--kin' delicious!). By far his favorite and most popular role was for a series of Round Up weed spray spots in which he played a Clint Eastwood type weed spray slinger. Matt is currently planning a nationwide tour of car and boat shows as "The Guy From That Thing".

15. For several years, Matt was a regular contributor to US Weekly magazine's "Fashion Police" section. In this section Matt made fun of celebrities wearing bad clothing. Matt knows nothing about fashion himself but is quite good at using words to hurt.

16. In the same vein as Fashion Police, Matt has been seen making jabs at celebrities and pop culture on show's like VH1'sThe List, fx's The Test, E's Rank and 101 Celebrity Oops, ABC Family's Hollywood's Hottest Hunks and Hollywood's Most Romantic Couples, and The Sci Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Entertainment. If you're on Hollywood's A list, you better not piss this man off.

17. Before getting into stand-up comedy, Matt studied film production and produced, directed and wrote many short films. His most famous film Flash Corrigan: Space Explorer was made at the age of 13 and features a scene where Matt actually sets himself on fire. To this day, Matt is not allowed near the matches. Check it out!

18. Matt’s most recent projects include writing for and attending the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards hosted by Jane Lynch (at an after party, Heidi Klum stepped on his foot which he believes was a cry for help), writing on filmmaker Peter Byck’s critically acclaimed documentary Carbon Nation, and writing episodes for the Cartoon Network upcoming series Beware The Batman.

19. Fulfilling a lifelong nerd dream (not the one where Matt invents a time machine, goes back in time, and wrestles Dianna Rigg.), Matt has made his debut into the comic book writing field! Working with artist supreme Darick Roberstson, Matt has penned a story for issue #10 of Creepy (published by Dark Horse Comics) called "Mint In Package". It's a lighthearted but gruesome homage to the works of H.P. Lovecraft and overly anal action figure collectors. To pick up a copy, go to your local comic book store (if in Los Angeles, try Golden Apple Comics! It's the best!) or get it online at

20. If you like buying things, Matt has a new book out called The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to the Movies which is available at (where you can also read some of Matt’s film reviews) or a bookstore run by nerds near you. Matt wrote the chapter on horror and hopes to someday write a chapter on anime porn. And if you still have some money left in your PayPal account, by a copy of Matt’s comedy CD Dead Funny. Just click the link on this site or go to and in no time at all, you’ll be laughing/getting really offended.

21. Awesome filmmaker/actress Sirena Irwin recently joined forces with Matt to create Fit To Be Tied, a self-produced sitcom pilot about the people who work at an S&M dungeon. It’s funny, sexy, and features cameos by such stars as Oscar Nunez (The Office), Doug Jones (Hellboy), and Dave Higgins (Malcolm in the Middle). Check out the show that astonishingly, The Disney Channel passed on.

Fit To Be Tied from Sirena irwin on Vimeo.

22. Matt's latest gig finds him in the loving embrace of Playboy TV! Matt has served as writer/executive producer/show-runner of several series for Playboy Plus including the comedy shows"Foursome: Walk of Shame" and "The Stash" hosted by the lovely and talented Rachel Perry. He also served as writer and executive producer for Playboy TV's hit show "Groundbreakers" hosted by film legend John Waters! Matt's time at Playboy has been some of the most enjoyable in his career! But feel free to try and top it showbiz!!!

23. If you like listening to nerds drink and talk about horror, sci-fi and fantasy,(yes Salma Hayek, I'm talking to you) join James Gonis, Shawn Sheridan, Larry Strothe, and Mr. Weinhold himself for the hair raising, knee slapping new podcast called... MONSTER PARTY!!! NOW A PART OF THE FANGORIA PODCAST NEWTWORK!!!

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23. For demo reels, photos, resumes, or inquiries on any kind, please contact Matt's agent Bruce Smith at Omnipop Talent Group (818) 980-9267 or email him at Try it! It's fun!

24. If you'd like to learn more about Matt's life, philosophies, or political opinions...dear God, why?

25. Why am I speaking in the 3rd person?

26. Sigh