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Here is the cover of my new CD. Yes, it's finally done and is available for purchase by clicking on the "Buy CD" tab of this website! This time, I'm not shittin' you.
This is the back cover of my new CD, available at no extra cost!
Every so often, my thoughts go back to summer camp.
This my "tough" look. As you can see, I learned to fight from watching "West Side Story".
I'm the one dressed as "Worf" and the bald guy is my brother, Mark. We have a "special" relationship.
Here I am at The Emmys, shortly before I was tackled by security.
Matt and Carrie...trying to hear the voices in each other's head.
Attending Timothy Leary's funeral.
Here I am with comic book legend Stan Lee. Thank you!
KISS without make-up.